Layered Walking


Going for a lovely nature walk with your best friend is the ultimate in healthy exercise.


If you live in a climate that features “seasons,” then your behavior has to take on a whole new set of tasks.

Those of you living in steady, temperate climes, don’t know of what I speak.  No matter if your climate is constantly hot or cold, it’s the constancy that matters.

I quoted seasons above because many of my relatives are jealous because our year can be divided into the 4 seasons.

What they don’t realize is that many of our days feature 2 to 3 seasons within as many hours.

For instance: we may start our half-hour walk in water-freezing temperatures, and a light wind.  Later on, the wind ceases, and the sun comes out, and the temperature goes up.  Then a cloud shows up, it start drizzling, the sun is gone, the wind is up, and the temperature increases.  Finally, the rain is gone, the wind is gone, and a spot of sunshine makes everything steamy.

Here’s the challenge: What do you wear for your walk?

The answer is layers.  But even this is a challenge because you have to think, which shoes or boots?  Which sock, or socks?  Long underwear?  How many shirts?  Which coat, and do I need a scarf?  What about a neck warmer, and type of hat?  Gloves, yes or no? Thin or thick?

Now you’re ready for that walk.  Keep in mind that if you shed layers, you’re carrying stuff.  And if you’re already carrying your phone, tissues, fish food, binoculars, and anything else you might need, where does it go?

So, as behaviors go, this is one of my least favorite.

As some of you more astute readers may have noticed, I haven’t mentioned a single word about fashion.

Because I don’t have any.  Really.  Zero fashion sense.

So do all the above, and add on the fashion layer.

Now that I read this, it’s amazing I can get out the door!  On the other hand, coming back from a nice walk is rejuvenating.  Just enough so that I can peel off all those dang layers.

And then I walk it off.