This site is focused on behavior.  Each discussion begins with a short observation or essay on some aspect of behavior.

Most simply, behavior is all that life does, everything.

Life itself encompasses all scales, and by implication, the actions of life must also be considered at all scales.

This creation has been decades in the making, but only now has enough elements coming available making this possible.  Some of these elements are, in no particular order, the fall of the Soviet Union, the increasing disparity between rich and poor worldwide, the rise of china, the recent recession involving many countries, the even deeper recession that is beginning even now, the internet, and an almost universal acceptance that Earth is getting warmer.

These essays will be unique, although exactly how they compare to others is for another day.  Here, definitions will be explicit, and as extensively anchored to real behaviors as possible.  Too many hours are wasted in arguments where each party uses the same terms with very different meanings. Like the hard disciplines, such as physics, terms must be defined, accessible, and measurable.

Beyond topical essays, you will also find several larger works distributed piecemeal. These works are not afraid to tackle the most salient features of human behavior.

Even as no aspect of behavior is excluded from discussion, no question you may ask will be considered taboo.

There are certain expectations of quality that you should aspire, however.  The standard of quality is rigor, of definition and internal logic.  Yes, every question can reveal some extent of these elements, the more detailed the question, the more obvious and necessary these elements become.

The ultimate arbiter of quality will be two of man’s greatest inventions, logic and science.  Traditional logic was best introduced by Socrates roughly 2500 years ago, and the scientific method as illuminated for us by the great thinkers of the Renaissance.

Logic, science, and explicit definitions are all we need to productively explore this most intriguing and least understood realm of knowledge.

I look forward to your comments.

Thanks for reading,




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