There’s so much unadulterated hatred being exhibited these days that I’ve decided to start self-publishing a book I finished about 3 years ago.  The book was stimulated by many underlying events that were unnerving in their own right.  But the US election in 2016 justified my efforts immediately.

Here’s the Chapter Headings, and eventually I’ll link each one of these with the appropriate section as it unspools within this site.  The first sections aren’t slated to appear until April 2019, and roughly 500 words will appear every MWF around noon Eastern US time.

Contents: Followed by [page number] in full work, and then the segment numbers.

  1. Who Wants to Live Forever? [1]   1-
  2. Why Care? [8]   
  3. Why Study Hate? [12]
  4. Hate is Natural? [23]
  5. Help Who? [32]
  6. Creating a Definition? [36]
  7. Questions? [40]
  8. Study How? [46]
  9. Is It Real? [69]
  10. If? [75]
  11. Hate Is Not [87]
  12. Four Myths [95]
  13. Qualities [109]
  14. Definitions Defined [120]
  15. Meeting the Definition [127]
  16. Catch the Conscience [131]   -089
  17. Actors and Audience [146]   090-101
  18. Intention and Expression of Hate [168]   102-
  19. Complications [188]   -120
  20. Order from Chaos [198]   121-133
  21. Who How Why [220]   134-
  22. Who [221]
  23. How [240]
  24. Why [266]
  25. Crime Scene [279]
  26. War [281]   -174
  27. Tools [295]   175-181
  28. Detection [308]   182-196
  29. Defense [335]   197-202
  30. Offense [347]   203-216
  31. Satyagraha [373]   217-222
  32. Beginnings [385]   223-


  • Supplemental Materials
    • Appendix A: Table of Hate Scenarios
    • Appendix B: Death and Harm
    • Appendix C: Orwell on Gandhi
    • Appendix D: Henry VIII act 3 scene ii
    • Appendix E: “Band of Brothers” Excerpt
    • Appendix F: Fox News and Oregon Live


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