Beware the Fourth Reich

by Jim Marrs

Is such a thing possible? Can we truly even think that there could be another country fighting everyone else so that they can control the world?

It sounds like a dystopian fantasy at the moment. It is the kind of thing movie producers get pitched to them by desperate writers during orgiastic parties.

Wait a minute. Orgiastic parties? Do those sorts of things still go on?

Yes they do. Check out the #MeToo movement. Check out a new book coming out about how the mega-millionaires of silicon valley consume women.

What about the rise of the ultra rich?  More and more wealth is being concentrated into the hands of fewer and fewer people.

At the same time, Earth’s resources are being depleted at an increasing rate.

AND there are a whole lot of people consuming those resources.  More people alive at this moment than have lived throughout all of human evolution.

Let’s add in the forces of variation (we are all different) and natural selection.  In other words, there are forces out there that help decide which of us are going to have kids, and which of us don’t.  Those same forces are going to work on your kids, and their kids, and so one.

Most of us understand this big picture, and we start feeling a sense of fear.  In the USA, Turkey, and many other countries, this sense of fear has already manifested itself in several ways.  First, many are attracted to a strong alpha male figure because we are genetically programmed to seek out alpha males when we’re afraid.  Think about running into daddy’s arms during your first thunderstorm.

In the USA, we have another way of measuring group fear: purchasing weapons.  Gun manufacturers have never seen growth like they are today.  I know a guy who personally has stockpiled 40,000 rounds of ammunition, and that’s not even considered extraordinary.  I was talking with a police officer who told me that a neighbor of ours had shown him his secret weapons vault under the house.  There was hundreds of firearms, and also tens of thousands rounds of ammunition.

What are we afraid of?

The coming storm.  And a good name for that storm is Reich Four.

Finally, some feel better words.

The only way to fight fear,

and I repeat, the ONLY way to fight fear,

is through knowledge and understanding.

That’s why we have to study behavior.

Beyond Alpha, Omega Man


Going beyond Genes means looking into Heaven and Seeing ourselves.

In my last post I suggested that many people are afraid of the future, and have flocked to alpha males as leaders.

The reasons they do this are genetically based.  A million years of hanging out with alpha males can’t be wrong, right?

It can be wrong.  It is wrong.  Our current civilization has grown and thrived precisely because we have rejected the alpha male concept.

With alpha males there is no true love between young men and women.  Only the alpha male can be loved.  There is no democracy.  There is no social choice.

Alpha males bring rape.  They bring pillage.  They bring plunder.  If you like these things, then you are prone to like the alpha male.


What we must do is reject the alpha male concept.  Men must become greater than alpha.  We must extend all the way into omega.

Men who have alpha characteristics have the greatest challenge of all.  They must have the self control to contain those impulses.  They must focus their great energy into areas that will benefit society, not themselves.

We have the knowledge to understand why alpha males exist.  We have the technology to understand where these impulses come from.  And we have the understanding to control those primitive impulses, channeling them for the good of everyone, not just a select few.

So, to all males out there, seek to become omega.  If you are an alpha, learn to channel your “alphaness” into “omeganess.”  All of us will be glad you did.


Code Alpha


Would you vote for this man?

There is great uncertainty in our world.  You feel it in your bones.  Lots of people on the planet.  Too much information about your friends, and way too much about people labeled friend.  News media that keep screaming about one thing or another.  Poison in our air, water, food, even in our medicine.  What do we do?

We are afraid.  When we are afraid as children, we run to the safety of strong arms, our mother and father.  When things are really bad, we want the strength of a man, an alpha man.

Part of us is always looking for him.  The heroes of comic books and the big screen are always men that are strong and powerful.  Young women know this all too well, they flock to the few young men that exude power and strength.

Even other men know this.  Strong men tend to have lots of man friends, but man friends who are secondary, willing to live within the alpha shadow.

Why do we flock to the alpha male?  Probably from millions of years of evolution.  Our ape and chimp cousins do the same thing.  The alpha keeps the group together.  The alpha battles for supremacy, and then he has the most children.

No problems with politics.  Once a younger buck comes along who can knock the alpha down, then there’s a new alpha in town. He gets the tribe, he gets the chicks.  No one cares where the old alpha goes, he’s toast.

Under the alpha male system, you have to live with certain things.  I wrote about that earlier, so we won’t worry about it here.

The reason we don’t use an alpha male system today in most of the world is because of one of the most powerful behavioral forces of all time, love.  I wrote about that as well, so it doesn’t need to go here.

Today we see the rise of many alpha males as leaders: Trump, Putin, and Erdogan.  One of the things that surprised me about the rise of Trump was how many women preferred him over a woman.  Talking to them reminded me of the alpha male complex.

All these women respect strong men, in fact they prefer them.  A strong man gives them a sense of security in the future.  It doesn’t matter if that strong man doesn’t care about them, lies or cheats or steals.  All that matters is that he is strong.

No doubt you also know women like this.  Even though they leave a bad relationship involving a strong man, they end up back in another alpha male’s arms.

We’re seeing the same thing today.  Only these alpha males really are at the top of the pyramid.  And we can partially blame our genes.

Let’s hope that this time around, the alpha games don’t end as badly as history suggests they will.

Pardon my disturbance of THE FORCE

Conspiracy theories can be fun, but often they may point the way to something more fundamental.

The President of the USA pardoned a man recently, ostensibly because the sentence he’d already served was sufficient to meet the crime.  This sounds reasonable enough, and isn’t interesting for our purposes.

What’s interesting is that we are getting a peek at what went on BEHIND that action.  One of the early paragraphs states that many lawmakers from both parties were advocating for this pardon, including the most powerful members of Congress.  How could the President refuse?


Imagine this “imaginary” scenario.

The USA gives a lot of money to Israel.

In order to make people in the USA happy with their generosity, Israel spends a lot of that money right back in the USA.  USA gives, USA gets back.  Kind of.

Israel gets to decide how and where to spend that money.  So they can work with companies that indirectly benefit their own goals, Israeli goals.  There’s a very good chance that a large percentage of money spent by Israel is going to companies that are friendly to Israel.

In turn, those companies are able to help Israel in many ways.  Their owners can make donations to Israeli causes.  The companies can contribute to lawmaker’s campaigns.  They can fund action committees, subsidize education, loans, grants, and many other ways of furthering another country’s agenda.

This pardon is an example of something that went wrong.  This is a man who, on the face of things, is a friend of Israel.  If he’d done his job legally, he would have made a lot of money and never been in the news.  He didn’t.

Getting caught meant that he had to get punished.  But he was still a friend to Israel.  And that’s when THE FORCE became apparent.

“Pardon this man, our friend,” they said with one voice.

No other great influential special interest could muster the kind of overall pressure necessary to convince such a wide variety of powerful people to argue for the exact same thing.

Are these the meanderings of a closeted foil-hatted lunatic?

Or is this a glimpse of great forces at work?

Be a student of behavior, great and small.  You decide.


Stalling for Time

WARNING: Behavior means everything we do as people.  One of the things we do is go to the bathroom, or as most people put it today: poop.

Public pooping means sitting in stalls.  This article deals with sitting in stalls.  If you are sensitive to this kind of discussion, chances are you aren’t cut out for the dark underworld of behavior.  You’ve been warned.

Spoiler alert: Everything comes out alright, in the end.

I’m not fast, especially with this.  Age plays a role.  Take my word on this.

I have recently noted three incidents where I’ve entered my stall, seeing that someone else is sitting nearby.  Judging by only the feet, thankfully, they’ve been younger.  And men.  Did I mention that?

Here’s the fun part.  I’m all finished and cleaning up (hint hint) and my partner in poop is still at it.

In two cases the cause was evident.  One guy was having a conversation.  Ugh.  It was in Chinese so I couldn’t eavesdrop.  Another was playing a game; zoom sounds were his accompaniment.  Guy three was deathly quiet.

Now that I’m noticing this sort of thing, I realize it’s been going on all around me, so to speak.  There was even a guy at work who was known to spend a half hour at a time on the toilet, twice a day.  Did he think no one would notice?

My prediction is we’re going to see more of this, whether we like it or not.

Our mobile, our cell, our handy, or whatever you want to call the computer in your pocket, has become an emotional link.  As a society, we used to invest our emotional capital into other humans.  Now, the most exciting apps are those that act as emotional surrogates.  Google, tell me a joke.  Siri, what’s my horrorscope?  Alexa, find me a restaurant.

There are other words describing the behavior of giving pleasure to yourself, but I’m not going to go there.  Instead, I’m going to take the long view.

Time.  Time is the most valuable gift we are given.  When young we feel like we’ll live forever.  We celebrate 30 like it’s a major milestone.

So we learn to spend hours a day with our personal emotional surrogate.  It’s so important to us that we’ll waste that time, literally.

What could those three guys have done with that time if they’d behaved differently?  Would our employee still be with us if he wasn’t spending an hour a day, for whatever reason, in the bathroom?

We don’t know.  You and I never will.  However, there’s a good chance that students of behavior, many many years from now, will be able to look back and determine how good, or bad, “stalling for time” had upon our society.

For now, I can make a guess.  And for the moment, I’m keeping my hands off my phone.

Thanks for reading.


Pastry Insights

Look into my eyes.  Can you see my soul?

Now listen carefully, can you hear my stomach?

If you answered no to the first question and yes to the second, then you’re on your way to becoming a good skeptical inquirer of human behavior.

We’re not even sure if we can define the soul.  Someday I’ll get around to it, but now there’s more important work to be done.

For I love dessert.  And there’s a good chance that you do, too.

The best desserts in the world come from France.  Have a problem with that statement?  Let’s fight it out.  Preferably over cafe and a mont blanc.

Here’s some of my best evidence, a French contest for the best pastry chef in that country.  We’ve watched three seasons so far.  It’s incredible.

This is a culture that puts a high priority on quality ingredients in small amounts.  They prioritize taste first, technique second, and aesthetics third.  But their standards in all those areas are much higher than, say, in the USA.

They have fun in the area of competition.  There is respect shown in the arena among competitors, and much greater respect shown to judges.  Judges not only act as the experts who are not challenged, but also as mentors; they help the contestants during the shows.

Finally, these contestants have dignity in work ethic and chosen profession.  These are people who may only be 21 years old, yet have 7 years of experience working in a restaurant or pastry shop.  They are proud to be in the profession.  It’s a profession that they can make a decent living, raise a decent family, and have a decent life.  There is no “get rich quick” scheme, and no “exit strategy” to go along.  Just hard work and good products.

I can remember a time when the USA had many of the same ethical standards, but they seem to be lacking today.  I haven’t watched a US based cooking contest for some time, but they don’t seem to breath the same air as these French programs.

Watch if you dare, they are guaranteed to make you hungry.  Warning: No English subtitles.  It’s more fun if you understand the French, but it’s not necessary.

Bon appetit!


Dad’s Pads

Studying behavior can be fun.  We can talk about funny things like clowns; and how they used to be funny before Stephen King got a hold of them.

We can talk about intimate things, like what different cultures do in the bedroom.  I’m not going to talk about those things here; I’m a PG kind of guy.

We can explore the breadth of all history, dating back to the Narmer Palette, or Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey; and link those ancient texts back to what happens today.

Finally, we can explore some of the minute things you and I do on a daily basis.  Many of which can be funny.  Funny perhaps to other people.  This is one of those times.

Dad is in the neighborhood, and I visit him when I can, usually when he needs help.  He’s almost 90, so he needs help.  Some of those times, I try to help him access something on the internet.  You may understand how much fun that can be.

He says; what did you do there?  Show me again!  Let me do that!  How does it do that?

Bless his heart, at least he tries.  But here’s the gross part of his behavior.

He has a tablet that he likes using.  My brother thought it would be great to give him one of his old ones, letting my brother upgrade.  He’s thoughtful like that.

So, when I go to help my father using his pad, I always forget what I’m in for.

Instead of sliding my finger effortlessly across a slick glass screen, I find that I’ve touched something bumpy, something hard, something sticky, something that rolls under my finger and won’t let go.  Something other than glass.

GROSS is usually what I say next.  I’m getting better.  Now I say it under my breath.  It wouldn’t matter anyway, he doesn’t listen to me.  He hears me fine, he just doesn’t listen.

The next thing I do is run the tablet under the faucet.  If you’re my brother and you’re reading this, it’s true.  The tablet still works, but trust me, the faucet treatment is required.

After a minute of scrubbing the tablet is ready for me to operate normally.

At that point I only have to worry about where the heck he’s moved all the icons.  But that’s another behavior.

Sticky screens as a part of human behavior.  Wonder what our smart home of the future will think of that?

Thanks for listening!


Another Tale from the Midwest

What should be yesterday’s post wasn’t much of a tale.  It was more of a setup, talking about the midwestern work ethic.

For some reason, many people are afraid of work.  Sitting around while others work is a growing specialization.  I know because I’ve hired a bunch of people like that.

My brother in law, Bil, isn’t like that at all.  He likes to work.  He’s not afraid of it.  He’s always looking for a challenge.

One day, in a past life, he was working on a big project involving making a complicated piece of equipment.  Even though it was a big project for his big company, it was a small part of a huge government contract.

As a reward for his hard work, Bil’s company let him go along to the integration meeting, where several other companies would come together and put all the different pieces together.

As it turned out, this meeting was on one of the coasts, and involved lots and lots of people in suits, and engineers with fancy equipment.  Much to everyone’s horror, when all the pieces were lined up to be bolted together, the holes didn’t match up!

Eeek!  Eegads!  Such confusion and horror?  What are we to do?

First, Bil checked his components against his prints, confirming that his holes were exactly where they were supposed to be.  Then he sat back and watched the performance.

Yes, performance.  Because for a full four hours, all the other participants sat around blaming each other for the mistake.  They focused on who to blame.  They read the contracts to see how much money this was going to cost.  They worried that it would somehow impact their bonuses.

Bil was amused.  No one seemed interested in figuring out how to solve the problem.

Around lunch time, one of the younger engineers walked over to Bil and asked him if he’d thought of the problem.  Bil said yes.  He asked him if he thought he could fix it.  Bil said yes.  He asked how long it would take.  Bil said about 1/2 an hour.

All the other biggies took a lunch break.  A real long one of course, on the government’s dime.  When they got back all the holes lined up just fine.

Bil didn’t tell me if he got any extra thanks for his work.  But he did mention that one of the coasters came up to him later and made this interesting comment:

You Midwesterners work too hard.

That was it.  Bil didn’t quite get it, and neither do I.  But for that guys information, both Bil and I intend to keep working as hard as we can for as long as we can.

After all, who’s going to pay the taxes for that guy’s medicare?


Tales from the MidWest

What’s a work ethic?  It might mean these things:

  • I like working.
  • I don’t mind working.
  • I’ll work as long as I can find something to do.  Helping the host of the party set up.  Cleaning up afterwards.
  • Maybe work is good for my body, good for my mind, good for my soul.  So the more work I can do today, the better I’ll feel in the long run.
  • Maybe I’m thinking ahead to the day when, like my hard-working father, I won’t be able to work no matter how much I want.  So I’ll get in as much work today, because someday I won’t have a choice.

This kind of work ethic used to be called Puritan.  I’m not sure why, certainly not because it was Pure.  I think it had something to do with Pilgrims and Religion.  What in the world this means is beyond me.  But that’s what I was taught way back when.

Today the work ethic seems to be something you’ll only find in the history books.  I like to think that in the “back country” of the American Midwest, we still mostly live in the past.  Most of us are very modern, but many people here still think the old ways are best.

However, there’s a funny / sad story my brother-in-law told me the other day.  Brother in law shortens to Bil, so I’ll call him Bil.

Uh oh, out of allotted time.  There’s other work that needs doing.

Stay tuned.


Vote Against the Evil Empire

Voting isn’t just when your government says it is.  Voting isn’t stuffing the ballot box and hoping the least worst politician gets into office.

No.  Voting is your eyeballs.  Voting is your feet.  Voting is the apps on your device.  And voting is your dollars.  Especially your dollars.

I have a cousin who’s an uppity up doctor, taking care of kids.  The other day she came to visit and used one of the new ride sharing companies to come out.

Here’s the problem.  For one, I know that the ride-sharing companies are effectively building their empires on the backs of people who 1) need ready cash, and 2) don’t take the depreciation of their vehicles into account.  Basically it’s a hidden subsidy operation, and history has shown that this kind of business model never lasts very long.

The biggest problem is number 3; this particular company has a history of exploiting women.  In fact they have some big problems with women they have trampled in the few years they’ve been in business.  Certainly my cousin knows this.

But she voted for them anyway.  She’s busy, doesn’t have time to worry about the hidden details behind all those layers of management.  And I certainly was not going to be the person to tell her.  After all, I’d much rather enjoy our short time together talking about her and her family.

Think about what you’re buying.  Think about who you’re buying it from.  And think through the implications.  It’s one thing to say we’re green and love the environment.  But to turn around and vote for those very same organizations that want to tear it apart seems a bit confused.