Hi there.

My name is Tusok, and I’m been interested in all things that behave.  I have been interested since I was little.

It started with dinosaurs and astronauts.  These two things seem worlds apart, don’t they?

Dinosaurs: large, lizardy, and long dead.

Astronauts: human, courageous, leading us into the future.

Dinosaurs were wildly successful no matter how you define it, pushing the edge of every biological niche.

Astronauts are trying to be successful, and trying to jump off the Earth so that we can live among the stars.  How can I truly think they are related?

First of all, we are all descended from the same slime some 4 billion years ago.

Second, we are struggling to survive, much as the dinosaur did millions of years ago.

Third, we go through the exact same stages of life; from egg, to parent, to fuel for the next generation.

Does this seem crazy?  So be it.  But how can you tell?

You can’t, because there is no true science of behavior.  All the disciplines that claim to study behavior focus on narrow slices.

Economics looks at how we interact with money.  Psychology looks at how people interact with other people.  No one considers religion or politics to be serious areas of study.

Yet all are related to people, how we behave, and what we do.  And none of them are as rigorous as the hard sciences.

Is it any wonder that Congress wants to pull soft sciences funding?

Let’s get back to me.

I’m still interested in dinosaurs and astronauts, but decided to study behavior in its root form.

I set off on a journey of discovery that took me through psychology and business, accounting and archaeology, philosophy and religion, anthropology and ethnology, statistics and operations research, to name a few.

Now I’m an inventor, businessman, and happy family guy.  Still trying to unite those dinosaurs and astronauts.

Please join me.  And thanks for reading!




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