Hate, the book: 048

Hello Curious Friend.  Welcome to my book about Hate.  The number tells you where you are in the sequence.  I look forward to your comments.

Part Two
Chapter Nine
Is It Real?  (Continued)

Stopping it sounds good. But like real stop signs, most people just roll through it.Consider the fact that both simply study different aspects that are unique to human beings. Remove any one person from the world and these aspects would remain.

But if our species were to cease to exist, every aspect of it, both good and bad, would be gone.

This analysis demonstrates unequivocally that we as people and our unique abilities represent another level of reality.

We must now dig into our landscape a little deeper to uncover a slightly different layer of reality.

We have seen how there is rock solid reality in a mountain, living reality in the process of life, and the reality of humanity in unquestioned aspects and abilities that set us apart from other animals.

But what about individuals?  Are the things that you and I do, as individuals, also real?
We tend to think so.  As I write these words, I believe that I am thinking real thoughts, that these concepts I am discussing are real and will help others, and what I do in life will make the world a better place.

You may well aspire to make a difference as well. But are our aspirations and desires truly real?

Let’s analyze this.

Imagine you are in love with someone. You most likely would consider this love to be real.

Now let’s say you had a dream and you remembered it.

So was that dream real?

Maybe you recently performed an act of kindness.  Good for you! But was this act real?
At some level all these things are clearly real.  We are all obviously present, and we are part of a family, a society, a species.

We do make a difference.  Nearly everyone would agree on this point.

So how do we prove it?  How do we show without a shadow of a doubt that what we do, what we aspire to achieve, and what we desire is real?

Consider love.  I love someone and I feel that my love is real.

Yet, if you were to remove me from this world, that love would disappear.  Something that is truly real should not be able to appear and disappear.  It should remain constant.  And therein lies the heart of our problem.

Hate, as universal as it may seem, does not exist in any life form other than man.

Furthermore, it does not exist in all men, only a subset.  If we had the power to eliminate the existence of everyone with hate in their hearts, the rest of humanity would continue on as before, only without hate.

The world would no doubt look very different if we could achieve this, but that is a topic to explore another day.

The point here is that hate resides in the deepest, most tenuous form of reality, the reality that exists only in the actions of individuals.

To understand this reality, we must continue digging into the landscape of the human psyche.

We have no choice if we want to define hate.

And hate, without doubt, is real, which of course means the level of reality where it resides is also real.

As we dig ever deeper, we may well make unexpected discoveries.  We might find, for example, that hate is in fact a by-product of more fundamental human characteristics.
And that would be a real find.

For the moment, however, we’re still stuck in our cave looking out at the surface aspects of our landscape.

To be continued …

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