Hate, the book: 032

Hello Curious Friend.  Welcome to my book about Hate.  The number tells you where you are in the sequence.  I look forward to your comments.

Part Two
Chapter Eight
Study How?  (Continued)

Stopping it sounds good. But like real stop signs, most people just roll through it.In physics, the concepts of gravity, mass, and energy are all solid fact. Multiple universes and superstrings are not.  In the history of the sewing needle, bone needles that are more than 10,000 years old are fact.  Needles that are ten times older are not.  The study of hate must be built on this same type of solid foundation of fact.

Because of the special emotional nature of our subject, there is one more point to address. Having an open mind, being able to question everything means more than simply saying “I will study hate with an open mind.”

It means that we will consider hate a phenomenon that we can be entirely neutral about. Including, perhaps, the hate we find in ourselves. We must have the strength, courage, and patience to know that our neutral stance is the best and perhaps only way to understand and eventually contain hate in our society.

As neutral observers, then, we cannot condemn hate – and neither can we condone it. Hate simply exists.

With this neutral view, we will study it and evaluate its impact upon society and individuals, and even ourselves.

Are those impacts positive or negative? As neutral observers we don’t yet know. However, if they are good and desirable, we can certainly try to promote the positive.  If not, we can try to mitigate the negative.

Emotion, experience, expectations, must be rejected at all costs.  Any prejudice we bring to this study will only serve to make our job harder, leading us into the trap of hate. Hating hate, so to speak, is an attitude we can’t afford.

In our study, we’re going to try and use current events and modern knowledge, as much as possible. Not only does this make our subject more interesting, it may also provide more relevance in understanding hate as it exists today.

But modern events aren’t the only game in town. Going back to our metaphor of that physical landscape outside our cave, let’s think about what else there is besides the mountains, grass, trees and other aspects of what’s directly visible.

For example, there is solid mass underneath our feet. There are the natural processes taking place out of sight, and in deep time.

Layers of rock, plate tectonics, all this subsurface matter impacts our world.
And the same principle is true when it comes to understanding hate. For there are other sources of deep knowledge that we must consider.

These include evolution, biology, neurology, chemistry, psychology and other sciences. These disciplines all offer us special kinds of insights into our subject that are available only through deep inquiry.

Unfortunately, until we have a better idea as to what our landscape looks like on the surface, we must wait before we start digging into this deeper terrain.

With that in mind, let’s emerge from our cave and into the light.

To be continued …

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