Hate, the book: 028

Hello Curious Friend.  Welcome to my book about Hate.  The number tells you where you are in the sequence.  I look forward to your comments.

Part Two
Chapter Seven
Questions?  (Continued)

Stopping it sounds good. But like real stop signs, most people just roll through it.Do we have enough information to proceed? After all, the root of all intellectual progress is access to information. Preferably information in its purest form, untainted by emotion, political or hidden agenda, and unbiased by the filters of culture and time.

How much of what we need to know is available publicly? How much more is buried behind closed doors? Do we need that private information?
More to the point, what’s the least amount of private information we get away with? And if indeed we need that private information, what are the best ways to get it? Statistical sampling, inference, modeling, old fashioned guessing, or hidden cameras?
Perhaps in conjunction with our access to information there are some related questions to ask.

For example: Why has the subject of hate essentially been abandoned by academics? Is it too difficult to study? Are there no grants available in this area? Perhaps it’s considered easy? Trivial? Or subsumed by something much greater?

Whatever the reason, I’m comfortable making the statement that no institution offers academic degrees in the study of hate.

Have we gone far enough in compiling the questions we need to answer in order to understand what we need to know about hate?

Not quite. I’m not exhausted, and neither is our subject. Let’s follow the example of science itself, and build another layer of questions upon those we’ve already asked.  The good news is that there isn’t much that we can say with great confidence, therefore the rest of this chapter will be short. The bad news is that we don’t know that much, which is why I’m writing this book.

What we do know falls into several categories. We generally consider hate to be bad. Hate imposes costs upon society. What are they? Hate came from somewhere, sometime; it has not always been part of our landscape.

So when did it arise, and why? Only man has hate. Again, why? And how does this fact fit in with what we know about the evolution of our species?  Some people have had hate in their hearts and were able to eradicate it. How did they do it?

These are some things we know about hate. So, based on these meager facts, let’s see if we can drill deeper and compose a more specific set of questions to aid our understanding.

Let’s start with the idea that hate is bad. Why is it bad? What are the costs of hate to society? What about the cost to individuals?

If business, accounting, and economics have taught us nothing, they have taught us that everything can have a monetary value attached to it. So what is the annual cost of hate in dollars? What was it last year? Is it going up?

To be continued …

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