Hate, the book: 014

Hello Curious Friend.  Welcome to my book about Hate.  The number tells you where you are in the sequence.  I look forward to your comments.

Part One
Chapter Three
Why Study Hate?  (Continued)

Stopping it sounds good. But like real stop signs, most people just roll through it.

Almost everywhere I look, in almost every year of my life, I can point to some event and say “here is evidence of hate.”

Here is a story from the 1960s, told by a young Columbia college student of the time, James Simon Kunen.  He’s standing by a group of other students, watching as their protests against the Vietnam War are being countered by school administration and city police.

“I’m standing with some friends when I notice two husky grey-suited gentlemen walking up to a long-haired kid standing alone on the edge of the lawn with a camera. Suddenly they run up to him and knock him to the ground and start punching him and dragging him away. He screams, “Leave me alone, please, I was just standing there!” They’re plainclothesmen. I yell “Come on, there’s just two of them. Let’s get him back.” Five of us start to run towards them. I am terribly frightened and I don’t know what I’m going to do when I get there. Someone behind us throws an empty Seven-up can which bounces off one of the plainclothesmen’s heads. Right off his grey crew cut. He yells, “Get back or somebody’s going to get killed,” and reaches to his side, pulls out a gun and waves it at us. I yell, “He’s got a gun” and bolt away, not knowing whether or not I am going to hear a bang.”
James Simon Kunen, “Strawberry Statement” pages 42 – 7 describing an event from the 1960s, New York City.

The student revolts of the 1960s marked the beginning of my awareness, yet a lifetime of evidence is still insufficient. For my life began at the dawn of the space age, not so long ago. My parents, their parents and beyond, all lived lives in this same world, decades before mine.

What did they see? Our ancestors saw an iron curtain fall upon a city, and then half the world. They watched as a single bomb instantly flattened two cities and annihilated hundreds of thousands of lives. They watched entire cities burn, engulfed in raging firestorms. Later they saw that Hitler had millions of innocent Jews, Christians, Gypsy, Muslim, and other “alien” people gassed as part of some deranged “final solution.”
Not to be outdone, Stalin also launched his own version of a final solution, moving millions of his own citizens into Siberia, most of whom never returned.

All of this is just the tip of an iceberg.  Unknown millions of people have been used and abused through recent centuries.  Armenians were marched to their death across Turkey; Chinese, Indians and other Asians were consumed by their European overlords; and slaves were transported from Africa to the “New World” in order to provide the new lands of liberty with cheap manpower.

To be continued …

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