Hate, the book: 013

Hello Curious Friend.  Welcome to my book about Hate.  The number tells you where you are in the sequence.  I look forward to your comments.

Part One
Chapter Three
Why Study Hate?  (Continued)

Stopping it sounds good. But like real stop signs, most people just roll through it.

But his mother could.  She was in charge of his welfare.  Being recently divorced, taking care of her son was her hard-won right. When the killer’s high school administrators warned her that he was disturbed and needed counseling, she refused. When she bought her gun, she was taught, as all gun owners are taught, to be careful with her weapon and to secure it safely so that no unauthorized or untrained persons would have access to that gun, especially children.  Instead, her son had access to that weapon.

It may be that the underlying reasons she refused to help her son, or refused to restrict his access to firearms was because, within her, she felt that she had been wronged. In other words, within the mother, was a form of hate. Alas, we will never know for sure. The killer murdered his mother before he killed anyone else.

What about the cowardly act Russian President Vladimir Putin and his puppets perpetrated on the people of Crimea? Including downing a passenger jet in Crimean airspace by unknown missiles?

Starting from the very top of the Russian hierarchy all the way down to the lowliest soldier, a mindset must exist that makes them all believe they have the right to kill Ukrainians as they see fit.  They assume, apparently, that Ukrainians do not deserve the same respect as everyday Russians.

Clearly, they say to themselves this simple, yet damning phrase: “I hate them.”
They may never say this out loud, they may never even say it in these exact words, or even in thought. But they say it in a thousand different other ways… in their actions… how they look at them… the way they speak their names in the jokes they tell… and ultimately, how they kill them when given the chance.

As people we measure all things relative to ourselves. A speck of dust is small, and the galaxy is large. When it comes to time, we are most comfortable with events that occur within our own lifetimes, especially the part of our lives that we are most aware of. It should be no surprise, then, that the most significant events of hate for us individually will always be those that occur during these “recent” years.

My years of awareness are not the same as yours, yet let me share some of the more notable events of hate I have experienced during my roughly half-century of awareness. It starts with the assassination of a president, John F. Kennedy. Then the great Martin Luther King, and Robert F. Kennedy. There’s the shooting of unarmed students at Kent State University, which left four dead. There’s the bombing of a marine barracks in Lebanon, and the forced exodus of Palestinians from the lands in Israel. There was Saddam Hussein of Iraq gassing his own people. There were massacres in Uganda and Rwanda, dirty diamonds in Central Africa, and ethnic cleansing in Serbia and Ethiopia. Today there is the rise of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, along with ultra-nationalists in Germany and the USA. And the despot of North Korea turning the people into robots to do his bidding.

To be continued …

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