Religion, Guilty or Innocent

There’s a whole lot of holier-than-thou smart guys running about, telling the rest of the world that religion is a whole bunch of hooey.

They might be right.

Then again, what’s their problem?

My guess is that they are blaming a whole lot of badness on the fact that religion exists, and a whole lot of people claim to be religious.

First off, I don’t think you can actually blame religion itself for much badness in the world.  Sure, Daesh and Taliban claim to act for religious reasons.  Religious states such as the Vatican or Israel also claim to made their decisions based on holy texts.  Political demigods such as Erdogan and Trump are in the same category in that they have based much of their public appeal on religious grounds.

Wait!  There are so many examples where religion is the basis of great evils in the world.  Doesn’t this mean that religion must be the bad guy here?

No, definitely not.  It’s not logical, it’s not scientific, it’s not fair.  Only because all these players use religion to further their own selfish purposes doesn’t mean that religion itself is the bad guy.

Religion is a device that helps holds groups together.  I talked about this earlier.

I was going to talk about heaven here, but this point is probably more than enough for now.  So, heaven is just going to have to wait.

See you next time!


4 thoughts on “Religion, Guilty or Innocent

  1. Religion is bad because it indoctrinated people at a young and vulnerable age and denies them the right to question or oppose what they are being programmed with!
    It is not a discussion of many religious theories, but an infliction of mindless submission.
    If the religions were being taught to the young equally and fairly as if there was a free choice, then it would be a free choice and not the result of brainwashing and coercion!

    • Don’t play stupid!
      The backbone of all religions involve first the parents who claim the right to bring up their children in their faith.
      This sets the groundwork for the social programming that is the core of religion! There is no freedom of choice or freedom of religion, and this is the typical process of indoctrination!

    • Let’s not call each other names, and let’s not involve our parents. Approach the subject in an unbiased and logical manner.

      If you were raised in such a manner, yet today are breaking your “social programming,” then you are exercising freedom of choice.

      You are also proving your own statement false.

      That’s the secret to becoming a true student of behavior. In general, most people don’t have your will power to break their programs. Let’s not fault them, and let’s not fault the program itself.

      Since you have broken your program, the next step is to understand the system you have risen above. Carrying extra baggage in the form of resentment will only make your trip that much harder.

      With respect, Tusok

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