Toothbrush Conundrum

Every day I look at my toothbrush.  Okay, at least twice a day.

Every day I brush my teeth.

Tonight, I looked at it first.

I have an electric toothbrush.  What a great invention.

I stood next to my wife as she brushed with an old fashioned toothbrush.  Her hand had to go back and forth, repeatedly.  How barbaric.

And I realized in a flash what this toothbrush says about me.

I’m lazy!

That’s right.  You see, I can’t just use the brush.  I have to figure out the way to use it that requires me using the least amount of effort.

So if the brush works 4 times as fast as my wife’s brush, does that mean I should brush in a quarter of the time?  Or should I settle for brushing my teeth four times better than her?

Can I train myself to just hold my hand steady as I slowly move the brush over my teeth?  Or let the brush do its magic while I continue to move my hand back and forth in the conventional manner?

Next time you brush your teeth take a moment and think.  And then spit in the sink!


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