Why Guys Yoga

I’ve been doing yoga since 2006, and find myself enjoying it more every year.  I’m also amazed at how it’s changing as a product, with so many variations emerging.  There’s hot, there’s not, there’s dancing, there’s cross-fit, there’s musical and meditative, oh, you name it.

One big thing that still intrigues me is that it’s very much a feminine oriented discipline.  The magazines, the classes, all the marketing is targeting women.  It’s a safe assumption to thing that most of the practicing market is women.  So, here’s my attempt to show you guys (MEN guys!) why yoga could be fun for you.  The reasons are…

10: Builds strength.  Heck, you’ll find muscles you never knew you had.  What other discipline has you developing your groin, for instance?

9: Increases your flexibility.  Good news for any athlete.

8: Embraces isometrics.  A fancy name for you against you!  Look cool while you fight yourself.  Good luck!

7: Improves your balance.  Not important?  Remember grandpa and that broken hip?

6: Develops your coordination and poise.  Makes chewing gum and walking look like baby steps.  Try transitioning from a half-bound half-moon to a warrior two without looking like a brick!

5: Because it can hurt you!  Just because it looks girly and wimpy doesn’t mean it can’t whoop your butt.  I’ve seen guys pull things they didn’t know where there, and were out for six months.  Listen to your yoga instructor!

4: Stamina, especially when you need it.  (wink wink, nudge nudge!)

3: Meditation.  One of the hardest things for me to learn was how to breath, and using breath as a tool to relax.  And who can’t learn how to relax better.  Which brings us to…

2: Savasana.  Pronounced shah-vas-a-nah, what it really means is nap time!  Remember nap times from when you were a kid?  Now you can relive your childhood, and it’s considered cool!

And finally, the number one reason why guys are gonna love taking yoga class?

1: Yoga pants!