Sex and Society: Sex and Men

Ladies, our culture is a bit of a mess at the moment.  Western civilization has accumulated and amalgamated so many ethnic and cultural customs that none of us know which way is up.  We allow it to be influenced by our peers, our pop-stars, and our technology.

This confusion may be one reason why so many families have rebelled and joined a traditional religion, rejecting “liberal” ways for their fantasized utopia based on regulating the behavior of young men and women, especially with regards to sex.

If you are a young lady interested in meeting a young man, know this; he has probably been raised in a family without strong tenets regarding your body, your mind, and your long-term value.  He has been raised in a culture where young women are shown as fashionable objects, where sexual intercourse is easily obtained, and where oral sex is required.

Lurking below these “liberal” attitudes is something far more sinister.  Your potential lover has also been programmed by Mother Nature to do one fundamental thing; impregnate you.

It’s true.  Studies have been done (their quality is dubious, but that’s for another day) showing that men think about sex far more often than women.  The reason is Mother Nature.  It’s his job to make sure you get pregnant.  His lizard brain tells him so, and no one is very good at arguing with their inner-lizard.

As a higher being, you do not think about sex continuously, and so you assume that he doesn’t as well.  Be careful.

Does this mean all men are pigs?  In a sense, yes.  The good news is that some young men do aspire to become better men.  They have successful fathers or other role models to follow.  They may have created their own rules of engagement so that they too can look forward to many happy years with you.

So, ladies, don’t be afraid to aim high.  Don’t belittle yourself with casual sex or other demeaning acts.  Demand men with higher standards.  They can do it.

Just don’t aim too high.  After all, we’re only men.


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