Sex and Society: Mystique of Sex 1

I toyed with calling this “Sexual Mystique” but that would imply the mystical qualities that could come with a particular person.  Most people, mostly young women, seem to enjoy decorating their bodies with fashionable elements that heighten their sexual allure.

No, this is not that article.  This is all about the mystique our society places around the act of coupling.  The entirely physical act of a male putting a penis into a female.

There it is, in gross behavioral, and biological terms.  And that’s all it is.

Maybe not all.  You see, it turns out the male doesn’t just insert a penis and free all his sperm.  It takes a bit more doing.  Our evolution has decided that our penis has to have more of a relationship with any given vagina.  Therefore there’s a bit more in-and-out motion that goes with it.  Enough in-and-outs and finally, you have sperm.

But that’s not all, either.  Unlike most mammals, we are perhaps unique in that our females don’t demonstrate estrus to the extreme.  That means us males don’t necessarily know the best time to go around inserting that penis.  To a large degree, neither does she.  So we have to do it more often.  And THIS is where it gets interesting.

Our goal as biological entities is to have children.  Lots of them.  But our higher goal as an advanced species is to have fewer, higher quality children.  And in order for that to happen, we need a tightly bound family.  And what better way to tightly bind your family?  Connect your father’s penis to your mother’s vagina, and keep them there.

That’s gross.  If you’re still reading, you’re an intrepid individual who knows I’ve got a crumb of something meaningful somewhere, but where?

It’s the mystique.  We don’t want to talk about families anymore.  We don’t want to even talk about children.  But what we do talk about, what we vaunt, is sex.  We romanticize it, fantasize it, and economize it.  It covers our magazines, our advertisements, our pop icons.  And no one knows why we do it.

Almost no one.


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