Sex and Society: Virgin Experiments

It’s been rumored that ancient tribes would sacrifice young women to appease their gods.  These were, in fact, ancient experiments designed to see if giving up something of value would result in a desirable result.  We don’t do anything like that today, do we?

In the last post I thanked those young women who ‘pretended’ to auction themselves to some high bidder for their first sexual experience.  I thanked them because they were conducting an experiment in behavior, shedding light on a serious subject.

However, it’s likely that they didn’t intend this to be a public experiment.  It’s just as likely that they terminated their auction because it went in a direction that frightened them.  These are very likely true statements, and we, as students of behavior, must examine their implications.

One of the first precepts of understanding people is that when we learn of some behavior, some event, it’s very likely that what we are learning of is one event of many.  We can’t know how many other similar events there may be, but we can’t ever assume that any one event is unique.

This means that if one young woman is auctioning off her virginity on the internet, there is likely to be many more that we don’t know about.

And if we learn about a young woman auctioning herself off in general, then it’s likely that there many other young women auctioning themselves off under other circumstances.  Not on the internet, not in public, and most likely, not under their own volition.

The real question for us, as serious students of behavior, isn’t how much money did this one young woman raise, or how many others are there like her on the internet.  What we should be asking are these questions:

How many young women are being sold as virgins to willing buyers?

Where is this being done the most?

How many are being done, today, in our country?

How long has this been going on?

These are tough questions, and we may not like the answers.  But as serious students of behavior we have to ask them.  We have to answer them.

It’s time to stop sacrificing virgins.


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