Sex and Society: Valuing Virgins

No other “culture” discusses and obsesses over virginity more than ours.  It’s part of some religions, it is used to sell products, and the label is even used for major corporations.

Our “free” society has also allowed a few young women to run a few unstructured experiments in behavior.  They have offered to sell their virginity to the highest bidder.  It appears, at least in the few cases I have come across, that none of these transactions have been completed.  The young women in question have decided that the level of publicity, or the large amount of money they suddenly accumulated, were indicating greater troubles ahead.

We are not here to judge these young ladies in any way.  How, when, why, and with whom they decide to engage in sexual behavior is irrelevant.  What we should do is thank them for their courage.

They have shown some light on how much such an obsession possesses people throughout the world.  First, that someone would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for such an experience shows us two things.  There are people for whom a hundred thousand dollars is much like a 20 is to an average consumer.  Second, that there are mentalities where having sex with someone who has never engaged in sex adds some great value to the experience.

The first statement we know to be true and getting “truer.”  The rich get richer, and this is part of a greater phenomenon called Centralization.  We’ll talk about this at greater length some other day.  It’s likely our female experimenters did not count on this.

The second statement is perhaps more disturbing.  Many ethnically based cultures, especially those that are male-centered, place a lower value on women in general, and a higher value on having sex with young women.  The younger, less experienced the woman, the higher the value.

At this point I will confess to being male, and also admit to being proud at my ability to understand another person’s mind.  Seeing what they see, so to speak.  However, in this particular case, I freely admit that I don’t understand this mentality at all.  It’s hard for me to fathom what deep biologically based or culturally motivated disturbance causes these men to value young women so highly.  If you have any insights into this I’d love to hear them.

But if anyone does read this, please think about what and who you value.  Value them for the right reasons.

Virginity shouldn’t be one of them.


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