Sex and Society: Where do they meet?

Strange as it may seem, this is something we never talk about.

Yet we are always talking about sex.

We are individuals, standing on our own, eating on our own.  We die alone.

Yet we are part of society.  Together we endure, for centuries, for millennia, for the duration of our species.

As individuals we have needs, things that we must have or we will die.

Our society also has needs.  Without children, it will die.

Thanks to several courageous young women, I’ll discuss different aspects of this tempestuous subject.  For those caught in the cross-fire it causes great pain, and potentially ruins their lives.  For those on either side of the debate, it acts as a barrier to understanding, further polarizing our society.  This polarization acts to hinder progress in general, and only serves special interests who use these conflicts as opportunities to increase their own wealth and power.

Sex.  Society.  Where do these two meet?


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