Growing Politicians

Here we are, back at the beginning.

These are our axioms so far:

1 Politicians make lousy laws.

2 Politicians are mostly lawyers.

3 Lawyers become politicians because they are trained in laws.

4 Politicians protect themselves and are resistant to change because of how they are trained, and because of the ecosystem they have built around themselves.

Now what?

It’s time that other academic institutions start fighting back.

Medical schools, hear this!  Create a scholarship program that anoints one student every year for FREE medical school training.  This student will not only be required to take the full suite of medical courses, but should also be taking a few courses in practical law, morality, philosophy, and communication.  Their commitment?  After medical school and a few years of training, they must run for office.  With the full backing of the medical profession, they will find out what their chances are in the political arena.  After they have served at least 4 years, they can return to a ‘normal’ life.  But if they can survive and thrive, they can rise through the ranks.

Does this mean they will rise to a position of power untarnished, unblemished, and be able to cure all the ills of our democracy?

What it does mean is that there will be more members of an honorable profession active in politics.  These honorable members can act as a slight deterrent against those less honorable members we currently support.

You don’t think it will work?

Consider this.  If every medical school put out only one political hopeful every year, that would be hundreds of medical politicians within a decade.

Now, don’t stop there.  What about engineering schools?  What about math departments?  What about English programs or theater departments?

It’s time academia woke up and smelled the frying pork.  In order to change our world, we’re going to have to start standing up for it in the only place that matters – Congress.  And the only way to do it is to start fighting the law schools in the same way that they create politicians.

Grow your own.


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