Political Ecosystem

A brilliant doctor has pointed out the latest legislative folly; some states are trying to tell doctors what they can and can’t ask patients. [1]

How can we stop the idiot politicians from making so many idiotic laws?

First off, we have to understand them.  Not the laws, the politicians.

Second, we have to understand the ecosystem in which they live.

Let’s start with number one.

So many politicians come from the legal profession.  Why is that?

Creating a lawyer means immersing them in laws.  It means training them in historical and theoretical aspects of the process of law making.  Perhaps most important, it trains them in the practical and tactical aspects of law making.  It teaches them how to make money at law making.

So, armed with this knowledge, what is a young lawyer to do?  One of the pathways to becoming economically successful is to become a politician.

Then why should it surprise us that so many lawyers become politicians?

What should surprise us is that these lawyers are not given a better understanding of the importance of laws, or taught more respect for other disciplines, or have a better underlying appreciation for things like Truth or Justice?  Instead they are taught how to win their case at any cost.  Winning is what counts.  Not Truth.  Not Respect.  Not Justice.

Are you a lawyer?  Do you want to debate this?  Offer evidence as to the sensitivity of lawyers, or their respect for the truth, or how they continue to improve both their profession and the law.

Can I point to such laws as what our good doctor has written about?  Can I point to the divisiveness and pettiness of Congress?  How about the lack of scientific understanding within our legislative and judicial system?

Lawyers are trained in laws.  They are trained to make a living in the law.  And they are trained to win at all costs.  This is why they can be successful politicians.

Now, let’s look at where they live.  Tuesday.

Hold your nose!

[1] http://koharjones.com/2014/05/18/what-are-your-health-risks-sorry-cant-ask/


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