Growing Politicians

I never ever thought I’d say this, but here it is.  We need more.

“More what?” you say, not believing your ears.

More politicians.

“What?!” you say.  “Haven’t you heard the jokes?” you say.  “What do you call a thousand politicians on the bottom of the sea?”

A good start.

“Why didn’t the shark eat the politician who fell off the boat?” Professional courtesy.

I know, I’ve heard them all.  Heck, I’ve told them all!  And I never, ever, before this moment, thought I’d be saying this, but hear me out.

This all started a few days ago when this brilliant physician I know pointed out that in some states, doctors won’t be permitted to ask their patients if there’s a gun in their house. [1]

Why does this matter?

First off, it comes down to our first amendment of the Constitution.  Here you have a bunch of politicians, mostly lawyers, telling doctors what they can and can’t say to patients.

Second, it turns out that guns can be dangerous to your health. Especially if you’re living with someone who’s mentally unbalanced.  And who’s better at deciding if a patient is mentally unbalanced?  A lawyer, or a doctor?

So I asked this doctor, why aren’t more doctors becoming politicians?  If this were the case, then couldn’t those “legislative doctors” block the legislative lawyers?

She asked me what I thought.  So I’ve thought about it.  And trust me, I’m as surprised at the answer as you may be.

We need more politicians, not fewer.


Take two aspirin and see me tomorrow.



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