Listening to Sauce

Legend has it that the Gods of Olympus ate nothing but ambrosia, a heavenly food that mortals would never reach.  Today’s “ambrosia” consists of a few nuts, raisins, and maybe the chocolate morsel or two.  Ambrosia?  Food of the gods?  More like food of the chipmunks!

No, I’m convinced that those gods were eating tomato sauce.  Not any tomato sauce, but with onions, garlic, sausage, mushrooms, some cheese, and the lightest eggiest pasta ever.  That’s why they were so sleepy after meals!

It was recently announced that the Ragu and Bertolli brands were being sold by Unilever to a Japanese firm, Miskan.  Good for them, paying 3.5 times sales!  And with sales of 600 million in the US, that’s a lot of ambrosia.  But what does this say about behavior, and what can the sauce tell us?

Plenty, we only have to learn how to listen!  For instance, at my local high-end grocery store, there are 26 “facings” of these brands on the shelf.  There are probably 200 other facings of competitive tomato sauce, but I’m not worried about them.  Let’s listen to the Ragu.

For Ragu to make 600 million a year in sales, that means each of those 26 facings has to generate almost 23 million each!  That’s a lot of tomatoes!  Here’s where the listening comes in.

How does the Ragu do next to the Prego?  Are they generating 23 million per facing?  Perhaps the company that arranges things on the shelf for the grocery store is doing a better job for Prego than for Ragu!  Let’s compare their sales per facing for the amount of advertising they are doing, also per facing.

Or let’s think time lapse; what if there was a camera that took a picture at midnight every day?  And all we looked at was the distribution of tomato sauce in every frame.  Would we see the Ragu slowly grow over time?  Or would there be a see-saw battle between the Prego and Ragu?

Next time you’re at the grocery, and you’re thinking of eating like a god, think of tomato sauce. Then stand in front of the entire display, and listen.

What are they saying to you?


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