Heartbeats of the Stars

Have you thought about their heartbeat?  Stars, I mean.  No, not someone from Hollywood.  Real stars.  The bright lights in the sky.  Especially our favorite star, good ole Sol.  Middle aged, just right for us.

Some weeks ago Neil deGrasse Tyson (NdGT) told us in Cosmos episode “Sisters of the Sun” that stars go through two big collapse events.  The first one is when they are born.  Lots of gas comes together, and when enough of it is in one place so that gravity pulls it too tightly together it lights up.  Whammo!  Hello star!

The second collapse event is when so much of the original fuel is used up so that the radiation pressure of the star can’t fight the gravitational pressure any more.  So it goes through its death throes.  Exactly what those details are depends on the size of the star.  But when a star dies it can be quite exciting!

But we’re here today to talk about a star’s heart.  A star has one, deep inside.  And it beats.  Our star’s heartbeat beats once every eleven years.  How’s that for a nice pulse?

How does this relate to behavior? you ask, Gentle Reader?  It relates because, even in something so fundamental to our survival, something so big, yet so common throughout the universe, there is a quality that we can liken to the beating of a heart.

If this is true, this is it also possible that our society, our company, our world all have their own kind of heartbeat?  Something that ticks away on a regular basis?  Is it possible?

Many times in the history of science, we don’t know if something exists until we actually start looking for it.  You can help.  If our society does have a heartbeat, what form would it take?  How would it make itself known?  How fast do we expect it to be?

Please let me know, because on this one I’m out of ideas.

In the meantime, I’m going to take my pulse.


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