You have X-ray vision

Did you know that you have X-ray vision?  Yes!  You really do!

Please don’t shake your head, Gentle Reader.  I know we’ve been brought up to think that only supermen (or Superman) can have such wonder powers, but it’s not true!  You have it.  I have it.  We all have this power.  The only difference is that some people use it, while others let it stagnate.  And any of our abilities, left untried and forgotten, will wither and die.

If you’re a writer, or painter, or an artist of any kind then you have a better chance of already knowing how to use your X-ray vision.  Perhaps you call it by a different name, like the “inner eye.”

Our society is so beset with outward beauty that we’ve lost our balance between outward and inward beauty. I realized this as I admired my water faucet today.  Yes, the lowly water faucet.  Chances are you have one, and that faucet is more than likely beautiful.  It may be chrome or gold, have glass bits and all sorts of wonderful shapes going on.  If you selected it personally then you know that its outward form brings you pleasure.

But on the inside your faucet may be ugly, a nightmare waiting to happen.  If it gets a drip will the entire faucet have to be replaced?  Will it require a professional who has to sell you an entire new set?  Or can you easily take it apart and, by replacing a rubber ring costing less than a dollar, fix it as good as new?

Chances are that you can’t fix it yourself.  And there’s a good chance that, on the inside, your faucet is U-G-L-Y.  Why?  Because the manufacturer knows you buy faucets based on how they look outside, not inside.  Because they want to save money.  And because they want to sell you a new faucet when that little part goes bad.

Our faucets don’t have to look pretty on the outside; but they can.  They can also be beautiful on the inside, but we don’t demand that of our manufacturers.  And this is where X-ray vision comes in.  The artist knows that our eyes deceive our minds, what lies beneath our senses is what the artist tries to convey.  Look underneath the faucet, and can you see simplicity of design?  Ease of maintenance?  A lifetime of service?

And what of X-ray vision when it comes to behavior?  The same thing applies.  Maybe you meet someone new.  Your first instinct is to assess their attractiveness.  That’s what everyone does.  Now you can go the next step, and test your X-ray vision.  What lies beneath?  They may be ugly, but underneath, is this a beautiful person?  They may be beautiful on the outside, but underneath is there an ugly person?  I have known many people who fit both of these molds.

So, test out your vision today.  Look beneath the surface – whether it’s your favorite faucet or a Farrah Fawcett.  Don’t worry, not even lead can stop you.

And don’t dwell on the underwear!  It’s not polite.


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