Genius Geppetto

The story of a lonely toy maker wishing his creation comes to life is heartwarming.  But tucked away in a tiny town here in Ohio lived a woodcarver so good that his creations came to life on their own merit.

You can visit the Warther museum and see for yourself.  A man with a 2nd grade education, a lousy automobile driver, and a deep love of family and children single-handedly set a new world standard for whittling and carving.  Not only did he set that standard, he also left his descendants an eternal asset, a legacy ensuring the modest financial security that only a deep love of family, committment to work, and the attachment of great ideals can bestow.

He refused to part with his artistic carvings.  His whittling he gave away freely.  He was not greedy, only asking to be near those he loved.  And he wasn’t afraid of hard work.  He bought the least desirable property on the street, and through boundless energy and ingenuity transformed it into a beautifully landscaped site, the envy of the entire town.  Yes, his wife helped!

But Warther isn’t the true subject of this article only because of his specific talent.  He’s featured because, through him, we can have a greater understanding of what it means to be a prodigy.

But enough of that for now.  I’ll continue this tomorrow.  In the meantime, check out some carvings!


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