Who’s a little scientist?

At work today, a couple of moms were talking about their kids interest in learning.  I encouraged them to let the kids fool around in the kitchen, at which one mom said “oh no!”  The other backed me up, even offering a wonderful “science for kids” book that was keeping her son greatly entertained.

What we don’t appreciate, and what I didn’t get a chance to tell them, is that kids make the greatest potential scientists in the world.  Kids are born curious.  They are born without a lot of the prejudice and preconceptions we carry around as adults.  And they aren’t afraid to experiment.  Parents, please let them!

Every minute they lose on the internet or in the music is another minute they have lost to the joy of playing with nature.  Playing with nature is what science is all about.  Get out there, get dirty, and get learning!

Here’s the exciting part.  We are all scientists.  Believe it or not, you, your kids, even your baby, whoever does some learning in a certain way, becomes a scientist.  Even if it’s only for a few moments, those moments are science in action!  Let them do it.  Teach them how to do science even better!  Teach them to record their experiment.  Well, maybe not so much for the baby, but you know what I mean.  Teach them to record the outcome.  Discuss what they have learned.  THAT’s SCIENCE!

So, (nose rubbing commences here) who’s a little scientist?  Who’s a little scientist?

Come on!  Let’s go mix something in the kitchen!


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