Don’t sleep on this

Most people make a big deal about sleep.  Get 8 hours.  Get naps.  Get to bed earlier.  Get to bed later.  Just get to bed!

I work with someone who doesn’t need sleep.  She naps on occasion, like at 2am, but that’s it.  She loves to get a good sleep, but it takes a couple of vicodin or something stronger to put her down.  Sometimes she admits to being sleepy at work, but it never seems to impact her performance.  It’s not like she spills coffee all over herself or the floor.  She doesn’t go around slurring her words, or confusing me with a fax machine.  Other people have done these things (don’t ask).  I’ve told her that she can take a nap anytime if she feels she needs it, but she never has.  What’s up with her?

Wait a minute.  I just remembered, it’s not only her.  A recent visit to the Warther Museum (incredible carvings by the way) reminds me that old man Warther didn’t sleep either!  That accounts for how he could build an entire railroad engine out of wood in only a few months.  Not having a cell phone, TV, or other bad habits probably didn’t hurt, either.

And what about other famous people who didn’t sleep?  Like Ben Franklin, Tom Jefferson, or Leo da Vinci?  We can’t be sure, but these “short sleepers” may have been able to do so much because they had more time to do it!

As behavior goes, are we seeing the rise of a whole new kind of superhuman?  Should we be rounding up these people and letting them have some kids together?  Maybe a little bit of an incentive? like tax breaks?  Is there a downside?

These are only a few of the things I have to think about.  But I don’t have the time at the moment.  Maybe I’ll sleep on it.





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