We all sit together

How we pee is a behavior.  Fundamental, rather gross, but pretty much universal.  One of the more interesting aspects of peeing in our culture is that we keep differentiating between men and women through the toilet.  For instance, in a men’s bathroom there can be a wall of urinals.  Are they cheaper?  Do they take up less space?  Of course.

What of the toilets?  They are for sitting.  Then why do they come with seats that go up?  So that they are handy for throwing up in?  Or getting rid of old goldfish?  Why don’t they just make them so that the seat is fixed.  Cheaper to make, easier to clean, and it forces everyone to sit.

Just one of the many things we get to think about as we study why people do the things they do.  And as we study these people, we have to compare them to other people throughout the world, throughout time.

In many parts of the world, including Europe, there are toilets that are nothing more than a hole in the floor.  Now that’s cheap!  And everyone can use it.  Some people fall in, but that’s what makes it exciting.  Most of these places don’t even offer toilet paper.  Now what does that say about our behavior?  As people, as a culture, as a society?

Where do you sit on this subject?


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