Heads up! Seat down.

What is it with men?  Women complain about this aspect of their behavior all the time. And I’m complaining about it now.  Why can’t they put the f*$!#@ seat down?

First off, in a men’s locker room, why the heck should a guy use a full toilet to pee, anyway?  Second, what’s so hard about putting it back down?  Something against their religion?  Or maybe they’re just lazy?  Better yet, they’re intentionally being impolite, hoping that someone falls through the hole.

The best bet however is that they just don’t think.  That makes the most sense, because I know a lot of guys, and I can tell you from deep personal experience that most of them don’t think.  Period.  Do this because I’ve always done it, and I’m done.  Why think about it?  You should see the looks I get if I ever ask them this question; “What were you thinking about?”  I get this return stare that says “what are you talking about” along with “thinking? I was supposed to be thinking?” along with “are you some kind of idiot?”

Being happily married and having a wonderful daughter made me respect their needs early on, so I learned to sit all the time.  Guess what?  It’s not hard.  In fact, in many ways, it’s a lot cleaner!

So what really is the deal?  Why do you think guys can’t put the seat down?



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