Let there be PEE on Earth

When’s the last time you thought about peeing?  No, not actually having to empty the ole bladder, but the act of urinating in general?  Getting rid of the waste water from your blood and body?  Excessive liquid stuff sloughing through your gut?  Hate to break the news to you, Gentle Reader, but peeing is behavior.  You did it soon after breathing oxygen, and you’ll probably do it a few moments after you die.

So, what’s so interesting about peeing? from a behavior standpoint?  Well, for one, it’s something no one talks about because it’s always, well, THERE.  It also has something to do with our “naughty bits” as put by the Brits, so most people get a bit upset when you bring it up.

One of the great trends I’ve noticed over the decades is the freedom that young people seem to have talking about things like pee.  As a kid we would never even mention it to each other, let alone in the presence of adults.  What’s funny about young people talking about it is the other trend – old people like discussing it as well!  If the youth of today is talking about peeing so openly now, what will be left when they’re 100?

Doctors are wonderful people who have the honor to talk about pee when necessary.  Some are brave enough to have to taste it, because it’s an easy way to test for sugar.  That’s important if they suspect diabetes.  It can also be tested for all sorts of other things, drugs, babies, stuff like that.

But the act of peeing, not on the table.  And it should be.  We should be discussing it?

Any takers?  Or should we just flush this subject down the drain?





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