Dreams, behave yourselves!

Did you dream?  Was it a long story complete with great camera angles, character development, wonderful scenery and meaningful symbolism?  My wife dreams like that.

Or was it more like my dream, a snippet of a scene, a weird dysfunctional reality where something is totally out of whack.  Crazy things like a staircase to nowhere, a car that turns into a tent, or running slowly away from some menace to suddenly find yourself flying above the roof tops?

Sleep research says we all dream.  Whether we remember it or not depends on when we wake up.  What I want to ask is this; does dreaming constitute behavior?  If it’s something we do, then it must be!

But if we dream and can’t remember it, did it really happen?  It sounds a lot like that damn tree that fell in the woods.  For some reason, philosophers have bad hearing because they ask, did it make a sound?

It all depends on what “sound” means to us.  If sound is energy dissipated in the form of compressed air in a certain frequency, then of course it does.  Silly philosopher.  But if sound means your ear capturing those air waves and registering them as energy from the same direction as the tree, then the answer is NO!

So, is dreaming behavior?  If no one is there to hear it, does it count?  Even if that person is you?

Dream about that!


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