Money Day – First impression

Want to make a great first impression?  You only get one chance, ‘they’ say.  It’s probably true to a large extent, because we meet a vast number of people once, maybe twice in our entire lives.  So why not try to make a nice first impression?

Psychology tells us that a first impression takes only seconds to form when we meet someone.  In that few seconds a normal human can take in massive amounts of information: your hair, voice, skin color and tone, facial features, eye characteristics and movements, odor, choice of clothing, to name only a few.  There are thousands of other things that your potential boss can notice, and probably will.  Most of these are out of your control (skin color), but you can influence many others (body odor?).

One very BIG thing that bosses and interviewers notice more than ever are people who use their mobile device.  Not only using it during an interview, but even before or after.  Face it, if you use it during a first interview, you might as well leave.  Did you realize that using it at all could work against you?  It can, because it sends a distinct message to your potential employer; I’m easily distracted.

You say, “Nay, I’m not distracted at all!”  It’s not me or even you that needs to be convinced, it’s that employer.  Let me confess from the employer’s perspective; if you’re on your device, you’re not paying attention to me.  And if that’s not important to you, then you aren’t important to me.

Do yourself a favor; demobilize your mobile.  There are a lot of things about you that you can’t change.  But this is one aspect of behavior that is totally under your control.  Be a true student of behavior and take charge!

Now, get excited about the opportunity to meet a new person, to learn about a new company and new job, and increase your chances of success at the same time.  Good luck!



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