Problems with Science

Sunday typically sees a few people taking the time to think about those less fortunate than ourselves.  We may put a few dollars in the collection plate, pray for the sex slaves of Sudan, the child soldiers of Uganda, or even the garbage pickers down the street.  Then we leave.  We have to think about the kid’s soccer practice, or that project due at work tomorrow.  After all, if I don’t get that project done on time, I don’t have a job.  Without a job I can’t put money in the collection plate. And without that money, that garbage picker won’t be able to get free soup from our soup kitchen.

But this is the way we’ve been doing it for many years.  Have we learned nothing?

Perhaps it’s time to ask a simple question; why don’t we start collecting problems?  Like bug collecting.  Start going out into the wild and just collect them.  Don’t address them yet, don’t try to understand them, just collect them.  Pin them up on the wall.  Study them at leisure.

Why isn’t there a science of problems?  Aren’t these the things that plague humanity through the ages?  Hunger, anger, aggression, and suppression?  How many different problems are there?  Maybe once we put them up on the wall and take a good look, we might figure something out about how to make them all go away!

Imagine this.  You go to a museum in the future, and there’s a wall of dusty note cards.  The name of the hall?  Extinct problems that used to exist.  Just think, someday maybe all our problems will only be remembered in a museum.

Well, they might be on a history test as well.  But that’s another problem.

Or is it?


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