Your Majesty

The other day we were invited to hear a concert in the home of a sibling of a very wealthy individual.  The sibling had an allowance of millions, and for the last ten years has taken the opportunity to decorate his home with thousands of royal artifacts.

What kind of “artifacts?”  Porcelain.  Mugs.  Paintings.  Sculpture.  Pewter.  Drawings.  Books.  And almost every single one focused on British royalty.  I’ve never even known that there was an industry making beer steins in the likeness of the queen, prince, princes, dukes, and what-not.  If you are a royalty-adoring type of person, this house would be for you.

I’m not a fan of royalty.  I think that one of the very best things the Founding Fathers did for the US of A was eliminate the concept of royalty to the best of their ability.  However, there seem to be very many people who would disagree with me.

And here’s the issue.  As a student of behavior, I won’t formally take a stand on royalty one way or another.  I can appreciate living in a country where we can elect a new leader based on characteristics other than parentage.  Unfortunately, sometimes I think it may be better to rely on parentage rather than some of the other ways we choose leaders.

But as a student, I can’t deny the fact that there are a great many Americans who crave royalty in one form or another.  They have a need to adore someone, or something.  Whether it’s the current president, or a Hollywood actor, or some other media darling, these people follow their every move.

It’s not only that they follow this person, but they allow that person to govern their own behavior, even to the point of what they like and what they do.  Royalty likes this brand of tea, then so do I.  Royalty wears this dress, so do I.  Or, even to the opposite extreme, the President does this, therefore I will do the opposite.

What causes this?  Even though they live in a democratic society, why do they feel the need to follow some person so very closely, even to the extent they must ape their every behavior?

How do you feel about this, your majesty?


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