She screwed him?

Pardon my crude title, but did it catch your interest?  I’m guessing it did.  Sex sells.  I learned that in business, psychology, and in real life.  It sells so well that in our laissez-faire economy we are now bombarded with it constantly.

More than that, we are also immersed in our own virtual universe of entertainment.  In the USA, at least, most conversations tend to focus on the antics of our favorite shows.  Here’s a quick behavioral experiment you can perform for fun, without anyone knowing you’re doing it.  Time how long it takes for any conversation to transition to something entertainment related.  A movie, a video, sports, music, it doesn’t matter.  My guess is that for any group that comes together, entertainment will be the focus within 5 minutes – maybe much sooner.

Is it wrong to expect us to talk about more meaningful topics?  Is it wrong to think that there was a time when things like world affairs, political antics, or technical progress would be far more interesting than “her” hair.  I’d like to think that, back when I was growing up, entertainment was much smaller part of our lives.

Is it wrong of me to equate more entertainment with the idea that our society is getting dumber?  Let me know.  Let’s have a serious conversation.


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