Miles high club

Most people don’t think about flying as a behavior, yet it is all about behavior in it most advanced and blatant forms.

First, you walk onto a platform suspended above the ground.  You’ve been on bridges many times, perhaps so many times you’ve forgotten their inherent danger.  YOU ARE SUSPENDED with only tiny sticks holding you up!  True, those sticks may be I-beams, concrete pillars, but they hold you up!

After walking across that bridge, you enter a narrow aluminum can.  If you were the size of a gummy bear the average soda can would be the exact same analogy.  You’re in a can.  A can with wings.  And really strong engines.

You know all these things, yet you still walk into that can.  (Chances are…) You aren’t an engineer.  You aren’t a physicist.  Yet you trust the engines to roar.  You trust the moving air to lift the wings.  You trust the wings to stay attached to your tin can.  And you trust the pilot to take you up and down, safely.  It’s a bridge THAT MOVES!

All of this is behavior.  It took knowledge and lots of work to make those engines, those wings, those connections.  It took courage and confidence for the first aviators to look upward, saying goodbye to the ground.  And it takes your trust in fellow man (along with a dash of courage in yourself) to follow millions of fellow travelers into the air.

It’s also a behavior to allow yourself to be squeezed into 20 inches of knee room.  Or allowing a stranger to sneeze in your lap.  Or allowing the person in front of you to drop their seat into your lap without asking.

You can choose how you wish to behave.  Behavior is everything we do, everything every living thing can do.  But what makes behavior so fascinating is that all of it is under our influence.  You choose to fly.  Not because you have wings, but because you trust others who have made wings for you.

Have a great flight!  Behave yourself!


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