Raining bears

There are supposed signals of society’s coming apocalypse.  Some religions talk about fiery rain and frogs that speak French.  I think I’ve spotted another one of the signs, one that the prophets didn’t see coming.

In business news the other day the hot company to watch was one selling people teddy bear icons for their phone.  Now, if you purchased a cute icon because it brightens your life, I certainly respect your decision.  Would I prefer that you learned how to make your own cute icon?  Oh, yes.  And if you had purchased a real teddy bear instead, and given it to a child, that would have been even better.

But for a company to carve an economic niche from this trivial service seems beyond the boundaries of imagination.  For serious investors to look at such a company as a viable long term growth target is even further beyond reason.

So what are we to conclude from this sign of the apocalypse?  Only this.  Instead of saving for our futures, instead of sending our hard-earned dollars to those we love or those in need, we would rather decorate our phones with customized teddy bears.  It tells me that we have given up on our future.  We have forgotten our loved ones.  And we don’t know anyone in need.

So, the next time someone asks you about the signs of the coming apocalypse, remember to tell them this.  It’s going to rain virtual teddy bears.  They’re already here!


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