Confessions of a Mad Man – part 2

It’s true.  I’m mad.  Still.  And again.

In part one, I confessed that I was mad because I believe in the human race.  Not many of us do, and certainly not anyone in public.  To do so usually gets us put into some kind of day care.  The kind of day care for 4 year olds.  Because they are usually the only people around who are so optimistic for the species.

This time I’m even madder than before.  Not angry, just madder.  I’m more mad because I have another strange belief, and as far as I can tell, it puts me into an even greater minority position than before.

I believe that there is a process of learning that is the best thing around.  This process is so wonderful that there is NO subject under the sun that can’t be learned.  Heck, even INCLUDING the sun.  This process is so cool and wonderful that there is no secret it can’t unravel.  Yet there are many people who actually fear this process and run away from it, shouting “evil, evil!”

Better yet, this process is FREE!  So not only do you get a process that lets you learn faster, better, and cheaper than anyone else, but the process itself is free!  No taxes, no maintenance fee, no upfront or unloading charges – FREE!  So what is this great process, and why haven’t I ever seen it advertised on late night TV?

You haven’t seen it advertised because you already know about it.  It’s called science.  Science isn’t a thing, like most talking heads would like you to believe; it’s a process of learning.  And it’s the best.  It took several hundred years to invent and get just right, but in the few hundred years after that it’s given us aviation, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

Yes, I’m mad because I believe in science.  I’m mad because there are so few other people who feel the same way.  And I’m mad because there are no leaders who believe in science.

There.  I said it.  Can you convince me otherwise?  Or are you as mad as I?


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