Money Day

We spend a lot of time thinking about money.  As Douglas Adams roughly put it, we spend our lives chasing bits of paper all about the universe to no end.

For something that occupies so much of our lives, I expected that academics would consequently study these areas to exhaustion.  For instance, interviewing for an entry level job.  Or writing up a resume.  What about simply filling out an employment form?

Imagine my surprise when I learned that these aren’t considered areas of ‘study,’ instead these are practical seminars in business school.  These are “survival skills” and not behaviors that should be studied by serious researchers.

It’s too bad.  Imagine if we could make our lives easier so that writing a resume only took a push of a button.  Or if we could be evaluated on what we’re really like, instead of what we look like.

On the other side, what do we expect a company to look like?  We call it a company, but it’s really a collection of people, and do we really want to work with those people?  When we’re young, all we want is a chance to know what it’s like to really work, to have real responsibilities, and to get a paycheck.  Why can’t we find a way to have that company be described to us so that we can really know if we’d want to work there for the rest of our lives, or even just a few weeks?

We’ll start exploring the world of business soon – for it’s an area I know too well.  But we’re going to do it by looking at the behavior of its participants, and not in generic ‘corporate’ terms.  Who knows, maybe it can help you make some money.  Stay tuned!


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