No girls allowed!

This phrase is in bold print just below the words MEN’S LOCKER ROOM.

It’s one of those innocuous phrases that I’ve seen a lot of times, but something we just don’t think much about.  Of course, in some cases, a dad might have his really little daughter with him.  Or a mother may have her little boy with her, I’m sure it’s happened.  But what about what the phrase really means.  In other words, what terrible things would happen?

Well, perhaps they would see something that would shock them.  It’s possible.  Then again, what with our new open society, the availability of all images on the interweb, and our aggressive attitudes towards teaching STD avoidance, how early is too early?

There was a time, many many years ago, when we didn’t have such phobias about our natural bodies.  Exposure was considered normal, and the only reason you wore clothes was to protect yourself from the elements and to show your neighbor how much better you were than they.

So, imagine this.  A world in which there is only one locker room.  A world in which every woman and man, boy and girl, and child, is perfectly natural and comfortable with their body.  Where there is no threat from another person that your body will somehow provoke them.  That this understanding will create a greater bond between lovers, and help to suppress our seemingly irrepressible appetite for sex.

Someday.  Maybe.


2 thoughts on “No girls allowed!

  1. A very interesting thought, but as a guy who lives with his girlfriend, I can tell you that it would be rough on the men. Girls with long hair shed. Like a lot. Maybe it’s because I haven’t ever been in the woman’s room, but i have to assume that it’s covered in hair.

    On a more serious note, clothing manufacturers would never let such a utopia evolve. People with deep pockets and a huge stake in maintaining the status quo have a way of running the world when it comes to stuff like this. It’s a really amazing premise for a story though!

    • Thanks for enjoying the mind-bender, Brantley. Living with one woman shouldn’t be enough data to cover all of them – something your friend might agree with. And never say never. Two hundred years ago, who thought women would ever be allowed to vote?

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