Confessions of a Mad Man – part 1

It’s true.  I’m mad.

No, not angry.  There’s no one or no thing that bothers me for any reason.

I’m mad, crazy, a believer in things that no one can see.  I believe in things that no one else seems to believe in.

Aliens?  Large bowls of custard?  A long tunnel with a shining light at the other end?

No, none of those things.  The thing that I see that makes me crazy mad is that I believe in the human race.  You.  Me.  Us.  I have a deep belief that says “Our species is capable of greatness.”

It doesn’t sound too crazy at first, but I know I’m in the minority because our leaders, our pundits, our celebrities and our nay-sayers never admit this belief.  All of them are only interested in the here and now, saving their jobs, looking good.  Are they unable to dream, to conquer, to lead our civilization to greater glory?

Probably not.  Our system of choosing leaders is flawed, so that we end up with only those who are good a looking good and protecting themselves at the same time.

Yet I still believe that humanity is capable of great things.  Living among the stars.  Building great cities that blend into their natural surrounding.  A society that cares for the weak and unfortunate, yet offers a firm hand to those who refuse or are unable to assist the rest of us.

Yes, I’m mad.  But it’s the kind of madness that I couldn’t live without.  Would life be worth living if I didn’t believe that we were capable of so much more than what we have today?  Would I be able to go on if I thought that “this is it” and mankind is at its peak?  What’s the point of learning anything if I thought that there was nothing else of greatness left in us?  If I thought these things, then life wouldn’t be worth living.  What would be the point?


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