Dumbing of America – Hammers away!

Is it only me?  Or is our great nation, the greatest nation on Earth, getting dumber?

One of the advantages of getting older (and there aren’t too many advantages) is that you get to personally observe great trends in behavior.  These are affects that may take one or two decades to perceive, and then ANOTHER one to two decades to verify.

One of the great trends that my Saturday Breakfast Buddies and I have observed is that our nation is getting dumber.  To us it’s indisputable.  From learning that college freshman don’t know how to use a hammer or screwdriver to observing people drive on the roads without proper skills or courtesy, we see the evidence all around us.  The problem is that for now, it’s only the whining of old men.

As old men we’ve grown up with this knowledge.  We learned how to use tools as pre-teens.  We wanted to.  We admired carpenters, electricians, mechanics.  We dreamed of driving as young teens, and took to the roads as soon as we could; much to the dread of surrounding adults.  And we mastered all those skills as well as we could, taking pride in that knowledge.

Today we can see how much pride children take in acquiring these types of skills, all important life-sustaining skills.  Almost none.  The parents don’t demand it and don’t teach it.  They don’t know themselves.  And there’s no peer pressure to learn, either.

As adults, they are coddled even more.  Need to fix a door at home?  Call a carpenter.  Better yet, text them.  Stuck drain?  Email a carpenter.  The list goes on, and I’m going to share it with you over the coming weeks.

What do you think?

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