Fifty shades of black and white

A women’s only yoga class giggles while discussing “50 shades of gray” while doing down dog.  They’re all reading it.  And the funniest part of this is that they are all very religious, even orthodox.  So what’s with the giggling?

Are we so starved for new sensations that even modest, orthodox women want to think about sado-masochism?  Perhaps it’s a form of regret, because we’ve lost our traditional roles as men and women, and laughter is a great way to soften the pain.  Finally, maybe it’s because we keep pressing the boundary of shame?

I’ve only read a summary of what the story line is about, but why would something like this attract our attention?  Granted, the old stories of the Marquis de Sade also made for titillating reading back in the day, but now it’s all vampires, zombies, and cougars.

Finally, why would a class of yoga women want to live through the life of a young (fictional) woman who is willing to be used by a man for his personal pleasure?  What sort of message does this send to those of us who are still impressionable, looking for structure and direction in our lives?

Here’s where the black and white come in.  When you look at the line that divides black and white, you see a distinct line.  Look more closely, and little by little the grey will appear.  The line may even become fuzzy, indistinct.  But the point is that the grey only exists where black and white meet.

Our goal as adults, parents, lovers, and citizens is to help steer each other clear of the grey.  We don’t want to fall into darkness, but lead each other into the light.  As society pushes the boundaries of right and wrong, traditional role models, and looks for new experiences, it’s going to be up to those of us who are still anchored in tradition.

How do you feel?


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