How much would YOU pay?

You’ve seen those people – always trying to sell you something.  Drink this and you’ll have energy!  Read this and you’ll have a great job!  Practice this and you’ll find a great lover!  Follow my advice and you’ll be rich!  Come to our services and find the answers to life!

I’m not going to sell you anything.  I’m going to ask you a question.

Have you ever thought about how much you would be willing to pay, if indeed those people had the answers?  The real answers.  In general, we already know that most people don’t really believe these carnie actors.  Because they only pay 19.95 for the book, or subscribe the the book club for 5.95 a month.  None of this breaks anyone’s budget.  But what if they really had the real answers to the big questions.  How much would you really pay?

Here’s a tougher one.  The ultimate question.  I’m thinking you already have one, so go with that.  It might be different for someone else, so I’m not going to guess what it may be.  But you probably have an ULTIMATE QUESTION (reverb here, please).  Whatever you question is, there’s a good chance that you’ll never answer it for your entire life.  They usually don’t get answered.

What if you could; get an answer, that is.  What if there was a right answer, and knowing that answer could enhance your life some incredible amount?  So what’s it worth?  Twenty?  Forty?  Your entire income from today to forever?

Sorry, don’t have any right or wrong answers for you here. You should know that other people have sometimes thought they had a lead on THE ANSWER and did put everything on the line.  Some religions encourage this.

But did you ever consider the flip side?  That is, perhaps most of us aren’t meant to know the answer. Perhaps just knowing the answer hurts us more than only having the question.  And think about this.  What if the answer itself isn’t important.  What’s really important is HOW WE GET THERE!

That’s right.  It’s not the answer that’s meaningful, but the process.  Perhaps some of us already have the answer, but now that we’ve got it, we realize that just telling it to our friends is like giving them the answer to a test problem.  They won’t understand.  Worse, the answer could hurt them if they don’t know how to use it properly.

How’s that?  So, let me ask you again; what’s the answer worth to you?  And even if you know the answer, can you handle it?  Are you willing to work for it?




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