Are Humans Doomed?

This from a post on a philosophy forum in 2011:

Are we doomed?

June 14th, 2011, 9:29 am

I think humankind is doomed as a consequence of acting in the course of culturally relative  religious, political and economic ideological notions quite at odds with a scientific  understanding of reality. In the past we knew no better; now it’s probably too late.  Cause and effect – garbage in/garbage out. We’re doomed, aren’t we?


And a few hours ago…

It is actually pretty bad that Canada, Australia and Japan are reneging on their earlier climate change promises, and this in full view of the Philippines typhoon disaster!


So many people carry an impending sense of doom about them that it almost appears like common apparel, a mainstay of their wardrobe. In effect, they are saying “Here is my shawl of doom, my jacket of despair, my lipstick of lamentation, an attitude that is always part of me.”

What a waste!  For as soon as we are born, we are doomed to die.

As soon as people emerged, we were doomed to extinction.

And as soon as life crawled from the ooze, it was doomed to disappear.

What happens between the beginning and the end is called life.  And it’s our duty, our privilege, and our pleasure to live life to the fullest.  Why waste precious time thinking about what happens afterwards if we don’t strive to make something meaningful today?

We could focus on the future in a much better way.  Instead of thinking about what the world looks like without us, why not think about the world we leave our children instead?  In this way, instead of being afraid of our own death, we could rejoice in the improved lives of those who have yet to inherit our genes.

So, Live!

That said, should we be saddened because some country still hunts whales, or that another country pollutes our air and water, or another country still sells children into slavery?  No, we can’t be sad, because we don’t agree on what our future should look like.

Do we imagine our great grandchildren a hundred times removed peaceably working the fields of the countryside, living in harmony with each other and nature?  Or do we see a rapidly expanding civilization pushing space, technology, and even itself to the limits in order to conquer the solar system?

Until we decide what kind of future we want for ourselves, we wan not decide what is good or bad.  That is all!  In operation research this is called an objective function.  In business management, it’s called a mission.  In real life, it’s called heaven.  Where do we want to be?

Where do YOU want to be?

Humanity is already doomed in fundamental ways.  But you can make a difference as to how humanity meets its doom.  Will we rise to the occasion and create a culture greater than anything we can imagine today?  Or shall we create a future that is more like our past, seeking peace is what we already know?

What do you think?


One thought on “Are Humans Doomed?

  1. I do not think the current collective consciousness is capable of seeing past their materialistic life’s. What we need is more engagement from every individual, which we will never see. So are we doomed? Most likely yes, unless one of these grass movements can capture the global audience.

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