Episodic Living™

Gentle Reader, I’ve hit upon a great lifestyle pattern that owes itself to the study of behavior and attention to detail and respect for our biological heritage. I’m calling it Episodic Living™, and trademarking it!

What? How can someone purporting to promote free and open scientific discourse go about setting up intellectual barriers to knowledge by using the copyright and patent system? Easy!

Like so many of you, I am seeking a greater degree of financial power and freedom through the creation of a powerful new lifestyle. With this power, I will promote even greater scientific inquiry into behavior and further the success of all mankind! But until then, you, and I, will have to be satisfied with these tiny insights into our behavior. So, here we go!

What does this mean, Episodic Living™? Well, it has two fundamental parts to it: getting away from monotony, and, pushing yourself to gentle extremes. Take these two parts and apply them to the two most important things we do in our lives, our most fundamental behaviors. Eating and moving, also known as dieting and exercising. Diet as in what we normally eat, not what we eat only when trying to lose weight. Exercise as in how we move every day, not only what we do at the gym.

I call these two components Episodic Diet™ and Episodic Exercise™. Since more people diet than exercise, let’s discuss that first. What we normally eat is our diet. That we need to alter our diet to stay healthier or lose weight is obvious, but what is the best way? Every other diet leans towards fewer calories, but monotonously so. They may be all about meat and cheese, or juice and veggies, but monotony reigns. No so for the Episodic Diet™!

Go ahead, eat your calories. If you can reduce them, better for you! But don’t be monotonous. Three squares? Try six smalls. Or the other extreme, only one meal a day! How about this, try fasting – for a night at first, then a whole day. Maybe even two days. Your body will react in its own way, some people can handle it, some can’t. Don’t push it! If it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t right for you. And don’t rush it. Fast six hours this week, then maybe seven the next week. What’s the hurry? You have a whole lifetime to perfect the system. As always, you shouldn’t practice any major changes in your lifestyle without your doctor’s participation.

Why is mixing it up good? For our animal ancestors, food came in spurts, so they would binge when they could. They would starve until the next bounty appeared. They survived and evolved on this system, so we know we can do it. It will make you tougher, and increase your will power so that even though we, today, are swimming in an ocean of food, you can hold off until that one morsel you really need presents itself. Your stomach will shrink, your will power increase, and yes, get this, even your cells will thank you!

What’s this? you say?, How can my cells thank me? It turns out that contented cells don’t do a good job of housecleaning. Yes, every one of your trillion living cells has to clean their own house. And if they don’t have a clean house, then they can make mistakes. Mistakes lead to malfunctions, and malfunctions can make you sick!

By making your cells hungry, guess what happens? They start cleaning their own house! They eat up the bad stuff floating about their insides, much like we throw out garbage from our own houses during Spring Cleaning. Perhaps this is one reason animals and even some people on calorie restrictive diets tend to live longer and healthier. Who knows, but it’s only one good reason to start the Episodic Diet™. If you want to know more, let me know.

There’s more. One good way to maintain the Episodic Diet™ during your transition to an Episodic Lifestyle™ is to start your Episodic Exercise™ regime. No monotony here. Are you one of those people who gets on the exercise bicycle and pushes the pedals three miles in thirty minutes at a three degree grade? Do you do this three times a week? STOP! Mix it up!

Stay on your bike, but for one of those days try for three point three miles instead. If you’re successful, try for three point six. One day a week, push it! It doesn’t have to be any day, and you don’t have to do twenty miles per hour all the time, do it in little bits.

What about the other days? Mix it up, even during your thirty minutes. Bike the random hills, or do one big hill and one valley. It doesn’t matter, just have fun and break the monotony.

There you have it, a new lifestyle rediscovered from our animal past – and branded Episodic Living™. I know it works because it’s worked for me for twenty years. Your diet will be more interesting, you’ll know hunger, and you’ll still be able to feast with the family. Your exercise will get more meaningful, you’ll watch yourself get stronger, faster, and go further, without trying to kill yourself every time you step on the treadmill.

Live your life like a great story. All great stories have episodes, so isn’t it time your life did too? Episodic Living, Episodic Dieting, and Episodic Exercise all add up to an Episodic Lifestyle™. Live it today, and every day, for the rest of your life!


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