A letter to M

Dear M,

I heard about you from your mom. She writes beautifully about you and your life. You’re a very lucky 5 year old to have such a caring mom. Too many kids have moms that don’t care. In case you didn’t know, her writing is on the computer at gendermom.wordpress.com/

Your mom wrote that sometimes you feel sad.  Sad because your mind is a girl mind, but your body is a boy body.  I want to tell you a few things that might help you feel better.

You are special, very special. Your mom is very special, too. These things should make you happy.

Did you know nature makes everything different? Everything! Clouds, mountains, and rivers, all different. Flowers, blades of grass, even every snowflake, all different. And people – all of them – every single person is different from every other. Nature can’t make anything the same way twice, not even twins!

So everything and everyone is a kind of experiment. What’s an experiment? An experiment is when we mix up ingredients to see what happens. I’m an experiment. Your mom is an experiment. And you are an experiment.

Most of the time the experiments are boring. They can be boring because nothing is special. Sometimes experiments go well and everything is good. Sometimes an experiment goes wrong, and the kids and their parents become sad. Sometimes when I’m sad, I think about other kids who weren’t as lucky as me. Then, sometimes, something special happens. Nature mixes things up in a new way. That’s what happened to you.

What makes you special? You’re special because you are two things at once. Most people can only be one thing, a girl or a boy. You are both, and will be able to understand both worlds better than someone who only stays one thing.

You should feel sorry for the ordinaries, because they are locked in one world forever. They are in girl world and will never know what it’s like to live in boy world.

One important thing you can do when you’re special is to become a teacher. The best teachers are those who live in different world, like you. Then they can teach the rest of us in one world what it’s like in the other world. People who fly in space can teach those of us who live on the ground how much fun it is. People who swim in the deep ocean can teach those of us on land about wonderful sea creatures. And school teachers who know what it’s like to be a kid, but also know lots of interesting things, teach kids about the exciting world.

You are special because you can become a great teacher. Your mom is special too, because she is also a great teacher. She is teaching you!

You always have to be a teacher because there are many people who won’t understand you, but they may want to learn about you. You have to teach them. You have to help them. You have to have patience.

If someone is mean to you it’s probably because they don’t understand. When people don’t know something it can make them afraid. When people get afraid they may get mean. Don’t let it upset you. You will know they are mean because they are afraid. Now you can try and help them.

When you are teaching people about yourself, you’ll also be teaching them something about themselves. This might surprise them, but it won’t surprise you.

As a teacher, perhaps you’ll also get people to ask hard questions about other things. For instance, is it possible that there are experiments like you, but in dogs, or cats, or mice? Why should it only be people? Maybe you’ll be the kind of teacher who finds the answer.

So, Dear M, please count your blessings. You have a mother who adores you, you have a healthy body and strong mind, and you have many hidden friends, like me.

You also have another blessing. Did you know there have been many others like you for all history? We don’t know a lot about them because it wasn’t polite to talk about such things. And many people were scared to talk in the open. Today we’re not as scared.

One very famous person who got to be a girl and a boy was named Tiresias. Tiresias learned a lot and taught all of us. Please count all your blessings, don’t count the things you don’t have. Always remember, only you can decide what you will become. You have been given a great gift, please use it to help your friends.

With love, your future friend,

10 thoughts on “A letter to M

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  2. Wow! Such a warm, but refreshing perspective on all things different. The only words I felt were missing were, following ‘You will know they are mean because they are afraid. Now you can try and help them.’ would be ‘But be careful not to say the word ‘afraid’ because that will make them afraid of themselves.’

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