Economombo emotion

As blogs go, you’re going to find this one pretty bereft of feeling. Certainly not my feelings – I’ve spend a life containing them. Of course they are there, we have no choice as humans. But the extent to which we allow them to be expressed, the extent to which we allow them to influence our strategic choices or the way we think, that is fully up to us. Many people don’t realize this, allowing feelings or emotions rule their lives. As higher beings we must accept the fact that all our choices, all of them, are up to us.

You say, it’s not possible? I answer, yes it is. You decide to brush your teeth in the morning, it’s not mandated by any law of nature. It is mandated by civilized society. You decide to eat in the morning, it’s not mandated by your stomach’s growling. Hunger, however, is a more natural inclination signaling you that your body needs nutrients. Still, you can fight nature with your higher reasoning. For example, you say to yourself, “I don’t need a second cream-filled donut, the first one has enough calories for breakfast and lunch!” And you put the donut down.

What does your reason say about water? You can also fight this, and turn down all water. In time, you will die – and that is your choice. By the way, I am not suggesting that you do these things. These are examples of what you can do.

Finally, what about your first behavior outside the womb? Your breathing. You can also fight this. Hold your breath, even for an instant. You have acted contrary to nature, and you have temporarily established that your ability to reason can act contrary to what nature demands.

I accept this reality at the deepest levels, and know that all our emotions can be understood and controlled, all of them. It doesn’t mean that they always will be under control, and it doesn’t mean that they they should be. But it does mean that they are always being observed, and can be controlled when necessary.

Which brings us back to feelings and this blog. Expression is tough, especially when dealing with tough subject matter, like economics. But express I must, for as humans, we live in an ocean of emotion. It is in fact something we crave. Therefore, in order to convey the points I’m trying to make most effectively, I’m going to have to inject a good dose of emotion along with them. Ready?

Economics is pretty much is as boring as you can get. Lots of numbers about concepts that are very far away, like world economies. But guess what, you are part of that economy. Those numbers are talking about you, your life, the lives of your friends, enemies, parents and children. Those numbers may in fact have something to say about your life today, tomorrow, and many years from now. Those numbers may even say something about how miserable your ‘retirement’ years are going to be, assuming that you’re even going to be able to retire in this economy.

So, you may be attracted to my blog because you think you’ll gain some insight into your lover, but guess what? In order to really understand your lover, you’re also going to get a grip on the world economy. If you think the two are unrelated, then you’re obviously independently wealthy and have no material attachments.

Here’s the real problem. Most economists are full of lots of bunk. The discipline in general has become a love-fest for these special kind of academics, pretty much shutting out every other discipline out of arrogance and irrelevance. I would at least like to say it follows good scientific methodology or even principles, but it doesn’t. One of the most basic tenets of science is prediction, and as far as I can tell, there are no accurate predictions among economics. That’s one of the things that this blog will try and track.

However, in this pig-pen of muck, there are some good aggregations of information that can be of some use to us. What I’ll do, in another post, is start talking about the aggregates that are most useful to me in my work. One at a time, so as not to overdo the ’emotion’ in the subject.

Gentle Reader, thanks for sticking with me. More to come, but it’ll probably be a few weeks. Business trip.

3 thoughts on “Economombo emotion

  1. “Economics pretty much is as boring as you can get.”

    I disagree totally with this particular statement. Yes, perhaps this is true with the macro-economists who sit around faculty lounges and dream of the day that they get to experiment on society by implementing their demented theories. But economics is completely a study of human behavior, and too, I would think for you, completely un-boring.

    • I agree with you – but I also fear that you and I are the exception.
      Would 100 randomly selected people agree with us?

    • Probably not. That’s one of the reasons I started blogging on the subject.

      BTW, shortly after leaving that comment I saw this video on an economics blog that made me think of your blog. It concerns poker playing in particular, and risk in general, but it seems like something that would be of interest to your blog.

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